So much Wes! is a concert dedicated to the music and the style of one of the most inspiring jazz guitar players – Wes Montgomery. On friday, January 30, Tea House (Sofia) is gonna enjoy some of the famous themes of Wes – Four on six, West coast blues, Jingles, The thumb. Peter Georgiev (guitar), Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) and Atanas Popov (drums).

Join us for a great concert at Tea House, Sofia on November 28th. We will play our most favourite Harlem jazz songs – boogaloo, swing, blues and r’n’b.

Rossen Zahariev – trumpet
Peter Georgiev – guitar
Dimitar Karamfilov – double bass

One of my original songs that I recorded live at Kala Pattar peak (5550m) in the Himalayas. There are some great views of mount Everest in the video!