On sunday, May 19, I’ll be playing with Pavel Terziysky (vocal) and the incredible piano player Antony Donchev at Studio 5 jazz club. We will perform some jazz standarts, blues, bossa nova and r’n’b/funk tunes.

On friday, April 12, I’ll be playing with Ventzi Blagoev (trumpet) and Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) at Tea House. Join us for a very special evening of bebop, latin, blues and boogaloo tunes (arranged by me).

Next friday (March 8th) I’m playing with Pavel Terziysky (vocal) and Rossen Zahariev – Roko (trumpet) at Tea House Sofia. It’s gonna be a great evening of swing, blues, bossa nova and r’n’b music, so stop by!