On thursday, September 5th, I will perform with Victor Benev Brazil Quartet including Victor Benev (drums), Kalin Jechev (piano) and Evden Dimitrov (bass guitar). We will play bossa nova and samba, as well as some traditional brazilian songs. Studio 5 jazz club, music starts at 19:00.

On sunday, May 19, I’ll be playing with Pavel Terziysky (vocal) and the incredible piano player Antony Donchev at Studio 5 jazz club. We will perform some jazz standarts, blues, bossa nova and r’n’b/funk tunes.

On friday, April 12, I’ll be playing with Ventzi Blagoev (trumpet) and Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) at Tea House. Join us for a very special evening of bebop, latin, blues and boogaloo tunes (arranged by me).