After the great first concert with the music of Wes, we will honour again one of the greatest jazz guitar masters. This time we will play the music from his album The incredible jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery.

Peter Georgiev – guitar

Dimitar Karamfilov – doubla bass

Atanas Popov – drums

March 20, (friday), 20:00 at Tea House lounge (11 Benkovski street).

So much Wes! is a concert dedicated to the music and the style of one of the most inspiring jazz guitar players – Wes Montgomery. On friday, January 30, Tea House (Sofia) is gonna enjoy some of the famous themes of Wes – Four on six, West coast blues, Jingles, The thumb. Peter Georgiev (guitar), Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) and Atanas Popov (drums).

Join us for a great concert at Tea House, Sofia on November 28th. We will play our most favourite Harlem jazz songs – boogaloo, swing, blues and r’n’b.

Rossen Zahariev – trumpet
Peter Georgiev – guitar
Dimitar Karamfilov – double bass