Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Peter’s professional music career begins in 2002 and passes through a BA in Jazz Guitar Performance at New Bulgarian University, only to take him to the capital of jazz – New York, in 2008. There, he studied under Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart and David Berkman to gain an MA in Jazz Guitar Performance from Queens College in 2011. Peter also holds a diploma in Jazz Guitar Performance from the Brooklyn Conservatory and did a course in Jazz Improvisation at The Jazz Mobile. He had the unique chance to study privately with some of the real jazz guitar masters of today: Adam Rogers, Paul Bollenback, Ed Cherry, Peter Bernstein, Jason Campbell, Michael Howell and Ron Jackson.

During his four years in New York, Peter plays mostly with the Avalon Jazz Band and the Nay-Nay Blues and Jazz Trio and records a demo album with the latter. He also records with the Queens College Big Band (conductor Michael Mossman) for a live album in 2011.

Currently, Peter is based in Sofia. Since he is back in his hometown, he has played with some of the finest bulgarian jazz players: Antony Donchev, Milcho Leviev, Dimitar Liolev, George Donchev, Camelia Todorova, Vladimir Karparov, Rossen Zahariev (Roko), Yildiz Ibrahimova and Ventzislav Blagoev to name a few. Upon his return to Bulgaria in 2011, Peter founded his own music studio –, where he now teaches guitar, runs jazz workshops and hosts jam sessions.

He is also a bandleader, manager and arranger for the soul-jazz project Harlem Jazz. Besides that, Peter organizes music events and performs on a daily basis. Check out the Upcoming Gigs section for updated info about Peter’s next performances.

On November 30th, 2016 Peter released his debut album Inspirations. It is a LP record with original jazz music that was inspired by the beauty of the mountains and nature and composed and arranged when on the path in the different mountain ranges of the world. In the album there are 5 original songs and 2 jazz standards in new arrangements. The musicians in the album besides Peter are Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass), Bobby Petrov (drums), Roko Zahariev (trumpet), Antoni Donchev (acoustic piano), Dimitar Liolev (alto sax), Milen Kukosharov (electric piano). You can find the album online and listen to it on BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon, Soulseek. 

On February 4th 2018 Peter has released another album – Old City Songs. This one is a duo project with one of the most interesting vocalists on the european music scene – Pavel Terziyski. Besides the traditional way of singing, Pavel makes beatbox and imitates numerous music instruments (like muted trumpet and drum brushes) and creates unique atmosphere which involves the listener in a magical music journey.  

Peter has been teaching guitar, music theory, arranging and improvising since 2004 with more than 500 students. Besides his private teachings, he has worked for two different music schools as a guitar tutor full time: in the period 2009-2011 at Swan Pianos Co. in Queens, New York and in the period 2014-2015 in Guitar School Kozloduy, Bulgaria. In the past few years, Peter started using the power of the social medias (FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram) to transfer motivation, inspiration and wisdom to everyone that is interested in music and guitar. His page has reached serious following which led to the invitation in the innovative educational project . In the catalog of the website the young people in Bulgaria can find educational video-lessons in each field and class in the official school program which helps them in learning faster and easier some of the lessons (like chemistry or maths). Peter is responsible for the Music Theory and Guitar Lessons section and so far he has recorded more than 100 video-lessons which will continuously inspire the kids to get involved and understand better the art of music.